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Guest Post: The Strip Restaurant by Clue into Cleveland

While I getting ready for a fabulous vacation, my friend and amazing blogger Amanda from Clue into Cleveland is helping me out and giving you a taste of Lorain county that will make you want to jump in your car and take a drive. Her blog is full of fun things to do around town - make sure you check it out. 
Thanks Amanda for a drool worthy post!

Although I live out in Avon Lake, Scott and I tend to grab our post-work bites-to-eat downtown or on the near-east and westsides. What can I say? There are so many great options from E4th to Shaker to Tremont and Ohio City, it's hard to find time to explore outside.

However, after reading @MoninaW's review about Strip Steakhouse in Olde Avon Village, Scott and I knew we'd have to make time to try it out. Strip Steakhouse opened a few years ago under the helm of local chef, entrepreneur, and historian Ron Larson. With a passion for both creating and preserving, Larson has helped build the Olde Avon Village over the last 15 years -- relocating and restoring local historical structures and bringing in boutique shops.

Prior to Strip, Larson opened the Tree House Gallery and Tea Room in the century old Alten Home, which offers a lunch menu known for its lobster bisque, along with a collection of antiques, gift items, folk art, and wines for sale.
Patio Fountain overlooking Olde Avon Village 
After Tree House's success, Larson wanted to give the community an option for dinner so he brought his knack for blending old with new to the historic Ewers Barn space. Once used to raise horses for the military during the Civil War, the German Dutch style barn is now home to Strip Steakhouse.

Scott and I have headed to Strip a few times since reading Monina's review. We've taken both sets of meat-loving parents during their recent visits and have also grabbed a quick dinner and drink in their bar on occasion.

The barn's oversized doors are the first thing that impress as you park and walk up to the restaurant. After the doors close behind you, you're wrapped within the dark warmth of Strip's interior.
Strip interior bar
Downstairs, the blue lights of the sleek bar lead your eyes into the open kitchen. Upstairs, the exposed beams of the barn and artwork have a rustic feel, while the layout lends an intimate quietness to the meal. During the warmer months, a quaint patio is available with a firepit and fountain.

However, this is Eat*Drink*Cleveland so let's talk about the menu!
The Cowboy
As a steakhouse, Strip is heaven for quality beef lovers. There are 6 regularly featured steaks on their menu - ranging in size from the 10 oz. Jake's Steak sirloin to the 24 oz. Big Daddy porterhouse rubbed in sea salt, fresh garlic, and lemon.

My personal favorite is the 12 oz. butcher-trimmed strip steak, topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms, while Scott prefers the 22 oz. bone-in ribeye (honestly, he really wants their 32 oz. bone-in but is reserving that challenge for his 30th birthday).
Lobster pasta
 (dishes don’t come with sides, though you can purchase one like this which is a serving for 2)
We always order our steaks medium-rare which has consistently come out perfectly prepared and tender. However, I think my favorite part about Strip's steaks are the creative accompaniments you can order with them.

Specifically, each steak comes with a choice of one sauce or one compound butter. The Apple Honey Bacon has been an ideal complement for all of the steaks we've ordered; though the Blueberry Taragon Brandy sauce has been calling my name for our next outing.

While it's their specialty, there are many other options beyond the steak. After Scott's mother enjoyed Le Snoot, a 16 oz. citrus spice grilled pork porterhouse, I'm thinking I may have to branch out a bit.

The times we've gone to Strip for just a small meal, Scott and I tend to stick to their salads and starters menus, which offer a variety of excellent small plates.

FlipFlop Salad
I'm a big fan of their roasted crab cakes which come on an appetizing bed of orzo and corn salsa with a ginger remoulade, as well as their seasonal Flip Flop salad. Featuring crab claw meat, tomatoes, and garlic lime yogurt dressing in a lettuce bowl, it's an invigorating choice for a hot summer evening.
Pretzel Bread
There's also a selection of very hearty sides, as well as their pierogies of the day if you can't make up your mind. And instead of your standard dinner roll, Strip serves pretzel bread with butter and their light, mouthwatering peanut butter.

To drink, Strip offers an ample selection of wine, along with playful cocktails like the delicious Black Jack featuring black raspberry, ginger ale, soda and Jack.
Complementing their menu is a staff who provides incredibly attentive service. For the indecisive, they give diners plenty of time to order - first coming to explain the drink menu, then that's day's full selection of specials, details on how all of their meat is prepared and then finally back again to take the meal order.

I enjoy this because it doesn't feel like they're trying to rush you out for the next group, even on an evening when they're packed with reservations. However, if you're looking for a more casual dining experience, the bar and downstairs seating offers a quick alternative.
This mix of amazing food and drink, setting and service does come at a price. It's hard not to fully partake in the experience - with steaks, wine and a side or starter - which can quickly add up.

However, it's an experience more than worth the price that Scott and I will be saving as a go-to for special occasions. Moreso, Strip has been an excellent lesson in the hidden and unexpected treasures awaiting us throughout Northeast Ohio's suburbs.

Strip is located at 36840 Detroit Rd. in Avon, OH and is open Tuesday through Sunday. The bar opens at 3pm, while dinner is served starting at 4pm. Follow them on Twitter @StripSteakHouse.  

Up next, another spot in Lorain county will be featured when Adventures of a Trapped 300 Pound Man shows off Oberlin. Stay tuned!          


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