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Guest Post: Churned by Bite Buff

Next up is a fantastic and fun blogger that really knows a lot about the Cleveland dining scene. If you ever want some inspiration to spice up a night out on the town, or to find out about the new cool spots in town, Bite Buff is the girl! She beat me to a much anticipated new ice cream spot in town. After reading this - I'm REALLY jealous and you will be too.

Hi readers! I’m Katrina from the blog Bite Buff, where I share my dining adventures around Cleveland. I just moved here four years ago, and I love discovering what our local independent restaurants have to offer. Crystal and I have a lot in common: Eating. Drinking. And our love for our city. So when she asked me to guest post while she was on vacation, of course I said “Yes!”

Today, I wanted to share with you a new spot in one of my favorite Cleveland neighborhoods- Tremont. The geniuses behind my favorite cupcakes, A Cookie and a Cupcake, have opened a new ice cream shop right on Lincoln Park. Tucked just a few spaces down from the coffee shop Civilization, Churned opened quietly last week.
Churned, Tremont ice cream, cleveland
“R”, my boyfriend and the reason I moved to Cleveland, is an ice cream fanatic, and has been not-so-patiently awaiting its grand opening. If he could eat ice cream every day, he would. With a recent stop at Sweetie Fry in Cleveland Heights for the first time, his excitement over having a similar joint close to home was at an all time high.

Luckily, they did not disappoint. They had several interesting flavors of ice cream and two gelatos available, and they let you sample as many as you’d like. Trust me, making a decision is tough and you’ll need to try several small bites first!
A “regular” size includes two scoops, and they allow you to mix the flavors. This, I appreciated. I decided to go with the Smokey Chocolate with Salty Almond Brittle, and a scoop of the Maple Bacon with French Toast.
maple bacon french toast ice cream, Churned, Tremont
The chocolate was not too rich, and the few bites that included crumbled pieces of the almond brittle were great. Overall, it did leave you with a slightly smokey after-taste in your mouth. Some of the other flavors that I had sampled were a little more unique, and I’d probably try something new before ordering this again. However, the Maple Bacon with French Toast was dee-lish! Real crumbles of bacon throughout and a strong maple flavor. I didn’t quite taste the French toast, but there were pieces of what I assume were “French toast” bites in the ice cream. I would order this again in a heartbeat, although I did prefer Sweetie Fry’s version. “R’s” favorite was the Carrot Cake, which really did taste like carrot cake.

Churned is a wonderful addition to the area, and I can see us stopping in for a treat after dining in the neighborhood. Tremont is one of my favorite food areas in Cleveland, and you shouldn’t miss the Tremont Tap House, Fat Cats, Fahrenheit, Lava Lounge, and Lolita (just to name a few). Now you can stop in for your sweets fix at Churned afterwards. Welcome to the neighborhood, Churned!