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Yuck List

Do you ever feel like you are the ONLY ONE who doesn't like something? I hear people gushing over these things and just don't get it. Some, like Bloody Mary's and tomato soup, I've tried repeatedly to like. Others are just too fake. 

What would be on your list?

1. Cool Whip
Please just give me real whipped cream - the ingredients in this stuff scare me!

2. Bloody Marys
Love the veggies and vodka - hate the tomato juice!

3. Tomato soup with grilled cheese
I can eat grilled cheese all day. Won't touch tomato soup - must be the texture because I love fresh tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.

4. Eggplant Parmesan
I'm an Italian girl but I just don't understand why everyone loves this dish. It just tastes like breading with sauce and cheese to me. I'd rather have eggplant any other way. If I want cheesy and sloppy, I'll take lasagna any day!

5. Crocs
This photo speaks for itself.

6. Cruises
I love the IDEA of a cruise but the thought of being on a boat for that long freaks me out. 

7. Fake Sweeteners

and Diet Soda
I don't want to put all these chemicals in my body. Plus, I hate the yucky aftertaste. Truvia is made from sugar so I guess it's a little better, but I still think it tasty weird. I'll take sugar please.

8. Flats
Love the look. But even though they look like they should be comfortable, they make my feet SCREAM! 

9. Basketball
Guys are too tall. And sweaty. And I REALLY hate how you can see all those armpits! But somehow I can go see a game in person and actually have fun.

10. Smoked Salmon
Worst. Food. Ever.
I would have to be starving on a desert island and already have eaten all the sand and bugs, then I would eat this. It's too smokey and fishy and raw. I know it's healthy and all but I just gag.

What's on YOUR Yuck List?


  1. Ooooooh can this be fun! Let's see...

    1.) Tomato paste/sauce - I can really do without it although I love tomatoes, salsa, juice, etc. I don't want it on my pasta or on my stuffed cabbage or stuffed pepper.

    2.) Green peppers

    3.) Raw mushrooms

    4.) Diet sodas - are you really trying to convince me that it tastes good? Besides, studies show that you'll gain just as much weight as regular, thanks to the sweet stimulation increasing your appetite.

    5.) Carbonated water

    6.) Weak coffee

    7.) Brothy soup (not that I don't like it. Just that it better be good and filled with stuff!)

    8.) Bavarian cream and any cream-puff type concoction. Give me a lard and sugar cremestick anytime!

    9.) Yogurt ice cream. In case you want to convince me with Menche's, please see number 10.

    10.) Ice cream filled or covered with crap.

    Wow...that made me feel better. Thanks for the purging opportunity. :-)

    Also, I like frozen peas in salads and canned peas in sauce and never the other way around. :-)

    1. Love the list Kristian! I also hate raw mushrooms - the texture is just too much for me. Your pea rules crack me up!

  2. I'm so with you on the cruise, Crystal!

    Here's my top 10 "yucks".

    1. Skim milk. I just can't take the watered-down consistency. The taste isn't horrible, but it's 2% for me.
    2. Escargot. Just no. No way.
    3. Centipedes. I can handle millipedes, but not the others.
    4. Asparagus. I find it too bitter.
    5. McDonald's coffee (reminded by Kristian's #6). People love it, but I find it horrible.
    6. Cleaning the shower. I hate it. I'd rather scrub the toilet.
    7. Quarterback controversies.
    8. Anise. No black licorice or jellybeans for me!
    9. Microwave popcorn. It's not horrible if it's natural.
    10. Getting up Monday morning for work.

    Fun exercise! Thanks, Crystal!

    1. #10 -for sure!!!

      I used to like microwave popcorn until I rediscovered "real" popcorn - I'm never going back!

      How can you even tell the difference between centipedes and millipedes? I'm too busy running away to count their legs :)

  3. This is a comment from Monkey Bread and Sweet Pea. The original was accidentally deleted.

    "Very interesting. I totally agree with a few: (Crocs, cruises, flats (They kill my feet too!! No arch support!), diet sodas, artificual sweetners. I will say that I started liking Bloody Mary's about a year ago, but they have to be made with amazing ingredients. So here's my list (without repeating our shared dislikes!):
    1. Anise.
    2. Combining chocolate and orange.
    3. Too much fennel in something.
    4. Light beer. Why bother???
    5. Any fish blackened.
    6. Romantic comedies. I never find them funny or romantic.
    7. Chicken in most frozen meals. It tastes spongy.
    8. Those disks of bread, or whatever they are, that people think are healthier than a slice of bread. Just give me real bread!!!
    9. Frozen yogurt. I just don't understand why someone would choose it over ice cream?? If I'm going out of my way for a cup of a frozen treat, I want the real thing - ice cream!!
    10. Pizza with too much cheese or too many toppings.

    I think that's it! haha"

    1. I agree with almost everything on your list - except anise (you really don't like pizzelles even?!) and romantic comedies. I also hate choc and raspberry.

  4. 1. Olives. Blech.
    2. Sweet potatoes. Ew.
    3. Beets. Puke.
    4. Blackened or anything charred or smokey
    5. Likewise, peaty scotches
    6. Crust or excess dough on pastries

  5. Okay, here's my yucky list (with some items stolen from you all):

    1. Light beer--any yellow fizzy, watered down Big Manufacturer's Beer actually
    2. Cool Whip
    3. Skim milk
    4. Smoked cheese (Love any other cheese, esp stinky. Just not smokey.)
    5. Peas (sorry I'm still 5)
    6. Dill pickles (but I love bread & butter and gherkins!)
    7. The leggy calamari (rings are fine, I just don't like looking at/eating the leggy parts!)
    8. Which leads me to my dislike of spiders. Leg issues. They will jump on me.
    9. Guess you can add millipedes/centipedes to my list--esp not to eat ;)
    10. Tofu

    1. I'm with you on the smoked cheese too! And spiders are in their own category much worse than yuck!!

  6. Since my original comment got eaten by the interwebs, here's a quicker version of what I said last night.

    I'm going to stick with food related yucks.

    1. Raw banana. Cooked is fine though, I love banana bread. I keep trying bananas about once a year, but I just don't like them so I'm giving up. In the past few years, they've also made my stomach sick (there's some chemical in it that does it, I feel sick if I eat too much raw pineapple too)
    2. Parsley. If I ever show a food picture with a parsley garnish, it's most likely cilantro.
    3. Just the smell of Twizzlers and anything wintergreen makes me gag.
    4. Chicken Livers. I used to feed them to the plants at my Gram's when I was little, I'm sure her cat loved finding them later! I've retried them thinking maybe it was the cooking sherry flavor I didn't like, but nope, no chicken livers for me.
    5. Tarragon or anything anise/black licorice (except baked goods because I like pizzelles and anise cookies)
    6. Raw/undercooked onions. I've only just started liking cooked onions in the past 6 years.
    7. Horseradish
    8. Turnip greens. Who wants to eat fuzzy, prickly leaves?! It was the one thing I didn't like from our time doing a CSA.
    9. Melon. Honeydew, cantelope, whatever, I'm not a fan, and I'm only meh about watermelon.
    10. Lima Beans. There's nothing like eating pasty chalk with dinner! My dad loves them so we had to eat them growing up. I just swallowed mine whole so I didn't have to taste them.

    I agree with the artificial sweeteners, not only do they taste weird, but they also give me a headache.

    I really want to like Bloody Mary's, sometimes I even crave them, but after two sips, I'm done.

    I love seeing everyone's lists!

    1. Sorry about your other list - don't know what happened! I'll take all your turnip greens, parsley, lima beans and cantelope! I think it's interesting that you like cilantro and not parsley - cilantro is usually a pretty hotly debated item.

    2. I LOVE cilantro! It's one of my favorite herbs.

  7. grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of the best things of life.


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