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Noodlecat - A Slurpy Tale of Two Girls and a Whole Lotta Food

So last night I FINALLY went to Noodlecat! Even though Japanese is my least favorite type of food, I've been dying to go because
   1. Jonathan Sawyer rocks.
   2. I love soup!
   3. The "Super Salad" sounds amazing.
   4. Kimberly has been raving about it & she has great taste.

Since the temps recently dropped into the freezing zone, it was the perfect night to slurp up some noodles. We were originally supposed to meet at 7 o'clock but I was SO hungry after thinking about it all day that we decided to move it up to 6:30. Kimberly didn't need much convincing either as seen on Facebook:

 Kimberly Morris is it bad I wake up thinking about dinner?
Thursday, February 9 at 9:22am (16 hours ago) · Reply
I had no idea at the time what a great love that was - we caught the tail end of Happy Hour. And boy did we make the most of it! We loved the 1/2 portions of noodles and salads for $5 and steam buns for $2 - seriously a great deal!

We started with some bubbly to toast my first visit...
I had the Poochi Poochi sparkling sake - who could resist with a name like that!
Then we heeded the advice of Allison and ordered the rice balls...
which aren't really balls at all...but were amazingly deelish with the ponzu sauce. 

I finally got to try the "Super Salad" of winter greens, adzuki beans, dried blueberries, ancient grains, and green tea granola...
and yes, it's as refreshing and delicious as it sounds!

Next up - Steam buns:
BBQ Ohio Pork Belly
Japanese Fried Chicken
Ohio Beef Burger
And then on top of all that, 4 bowls of noodles for two girls - the server didn't believe he had the right table when he brought all of it out!
Roscoe's Fried Chicken & Ramen w/  hot sauce and maple syrup
Ohio Beef Brisket and Matzo Ramen - loved the dill
Takahachi Ramen w/ garlic pork broth x 2
And we couldn't forget dessert...
Chocolate peanut butter banana steam bun - look at that oozing goodness
We talked and talked and had a great time! In fact, we stayed so long we got to enjoy Happy Hour again! So we decided to get one last drink before calling it a night. It was a hard decision - check out this menu:
Kimberly got the C-Town Citrus - so fresh tasting it made us long for summer and I had the Vanilla Bean Toddy - a steaming mug of grown up tea made just sweet enough with the honey whipped cream...
I was absolutely blown away by how tasty everything was - it definitely exceeded my expectations. The only dish I wasn't super excited about was the brisket and matzo ball. It was good, just a little bland after the party in my mouth created by the other dishes. I took some of the power ketchup home with my leftovers and think that it will be a lot better with a little kick. My favorite? The Takahachi - hands down! The broth was luscious and I loved all the garlic. So glad we each got our own bowls of that one. We really wanted to try the rice pudding and pot de creme but that will have to wait until next time. And there will definitely be a next time...SOON!

You know it was a super funstastic night when you go home looking like this...


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