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Hooooo....needs a last minute Valentine?

So if you are scrambling for a last minute Valentine's Day gift, you are almost out of time! Here's some super easy ways to show some love to your sweetie or other special friends and family for every budget. You can shop on your lunch hour and impress your loved one with your thoughfulness just in time!

Remember those Valentine's mail boxes we would make in school? Here's some printable cards that you can hand out to friends, co-workers, and anyone else you want to make feel special.
For your sweetie, print out some love coupons for a gift that keeps on giving well after the holiday is over.

If your love is the sun, the moon and the stars to you, name a star after them.

Or share your love year round with a gourmet gift of the month. L'Albatros cheese of the month is the stuff true love is made of! Amazing Clubs has any type of club you can think of and those you never imagined: lobster club, chocolate club, bacon club all sound like a tasty treat!

Say "Olive You" with a year long gift.

Sign up for the olive oil club at Temecula Olive Oil Company and discover my favorite olive oil. How about adopting an olive tree? Tre Olive is one choice that tags your tree, sends you a photo AND sends olive oil in the spring.

If you are not part of a couple, grab some friends and celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

Read up on the origin of Valentine's Day at NPR and celebrate like Shakespeare and write your loved one a poem. Or for a more carnal fest, party like the Romans.

You can grab a free cookie at Quizno's! Click here for your coupon.

Show your love of nature and sponsor an acre at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park! Click here to sign up. And it's tax deductible too.

See if you can score a last minute dinner reservation. Here's a great list from Smitten in Cleveland. I love going out to eat at an ethnic restaurant on holidays because they are never booked up. Try Ethiopian at Empress Taytu - it's always delicious and you can feed each other with your fingers in a fun setting. Another more traditional fun spot would be Amp 150...they are offering Amp is for Lovers. It's a great deal...especially if you wait until Friday to celebrate when they offer Friday Night Date Night. 3 courses for 2 for only $50 - can't beat it!

If you hate eating out because it's so crowded, cook your Valentine something special and stay in. If you don't like to cook, pick up some heat and eat from Miles Farmer's Market, Heinen's or Whole Foods. How about breakfast for dinner? Make some heart shaped pancakes part of the meal and mix up some champagne cocktails. Enjoy the time together and save lots of time for smooching!

If your Valentine is a four-legged friend, take your pooch for a walk! It's free and they love it. Plus it's good for both of you. A new toy or a special treat will remind your dog or cat of how special they are.

And a donation to a pet charity or shelter is always the sweet thing to do.