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Thirsty Thursday - Handy Beer Drinking Tips

I absolutely love Foodbeast! They are a great resource for all things food. Through them, I found the coolest YouTube channel ever You seriously need to check them out for all sorts of really cool tips and tricks relating to food and drinks. For example:

If you don't have one of these 

or these

sometimes it's hard to open your beer. Especially if you've had a few. The caps can hurt your hands or sometimes they are just one way too tight. I found this post and wanted to pass it on because it seemed kinda handy. But I'm still trying to get the courage up to try it. See what you think...

Seems like it may be worse than using your hand. Or having some cute guy open it for you. If anyone is actually brave enough to try it, please leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you. Does it hurt?? 

While this supposedly works great for twist offs, most of my beer needs an actual opener. This has been a problem for me in the past especially when drinking with Bad Beer Lovers and I forget the opener. Thankfully some other tips on opening beer popped up and I found the perfect trick for opening a non-twist off bottle. An all you need is a sheet of paper. This one, I actually was brave enough to try - and it worked!

Hope you find these tips as helpful as I did. Cheers!


  1. Ha! I just always have my Hubz open them or at home I use the bottle opener - even on the twist offs! My hands just do not mix well with those caps. I am always afraid of an Indian Rug Burn on my hand.

    1. I have the same problem w/ the caps hurting my hands. Maybe have your Hubz try the arm trick...

  2. That's great! I had an ex who opened a beer bottle on the top of a fence (don't ask me how) and cut his hand open and had to go to the hospital. It's genius moments like that one that make him an ex...


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