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OBA at Whole Foods: Pizza Night!

Every month I look forward to the Ohio Blogging Association meeting. I get to catch up with my blogging friends and meet new bloggers too. There's always something fun to do thanks to the hard work of Alicia of Poise in Parma.

This month featured one of my favorite foods (PIZZA!) at one of my favorite grocery stores, Whole Foods. We each designed our very own pizza with toppings as varied as shrimp, bacon, arugula and hummus. 

Thankfully everyone ended up sharing because it was a lot of fun to try everyone's masterpieces. Top chefs in my opinion were Sarah from Cooker Girl and Kristian of Ohio Festivals. Sarah topped her white pizza (on the left) with arugula, parmesan and toasted walnuts. Kristian gets bonus points for uber creativity with his addition of sliced apples and honey to his garlic and olive pie with eggplant, ham and artichokes (see a pic here.) The honey totally rocked and I can't wait to try this on my next homemade pizza.

source: Whole Foods
Lisa from Whole Foods was a wonderful hostess! She did a great job talking about some of the unique features of the store including their Beers on Tap. Yes, you read that right. They feature six beers on tap each month including some rare craft brews. You can buy a refillable growler for $3.99 and then fill it up with your favorite beer. The price of the fill up ranges from $9.99 up to $19.99. Lisa presented us each with our own growler and I can't wait to put it to use!  
Kim of Smitten in Cleveland and Jen of Why CLE?
For those who prefer wine, not only do they have a great wine selection, they also have a bargain wine tasting every Friday night called 5x7. The first time you go, it costs $5 but you get to keep your wine glass. When you bring your glass to the next tasting, the cost drops to $4 - can't beat that! And not only do you get 5 wines, they also pair food with each pour. 

Here's a list of all the bloggers in attendance (thanks Alicia!)

  • Alice from Reiki Awakening
  • Alicia from Poise in Parma 
  • Amanda from Clue into Cleveland 
  • Andy from the Ohio Beef Council
  • Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland
  • Dave from Health Insurance Issues with Dave and Again? Really?
  • Jeff from My Future Past
  • Jen from Why CLE?
  • Jill from Thrifty Volunteer
  • Julie from ROJ Running
  • Julie from Wearing Mascara
  • Kristian from Adventures of a trapped 300 pound man and Ohio Festivals
  • Kimberly from cleveland
  • Lane from Lane Baldwin Photography
  • Nidhi from NIDHIZZLE
  • Raizel from OmStone Aromas
  • Reanna from Big Shot Dot The I
  • Sarah from Cooker Girl
  • Scott from The Chubby Cook
  • Stephanie from Hungry in Cleveland
  • Stuart from @sos_jr
  • Tony from

  • If you haven't been to a meeting yet, join us next time! Bloggers, wanna be bloggers and blog followers are always invited. Our next meeting is in February when we will have a wine tasting with Tammy of Miss WineOH. She is known for her fun tastings so it's sure to be another great event.

    back: Julie of Wearing Mascara, yours truly, Hans aka Mr. PIP, Kim of Smiten in Cleveland
    front: Alicia of Poise in Parma, Jen of Why CLE? and Sarah of Cooker Girl

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