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Corks and Cupcakes

I am a huge lover of wine. A wino perhaps? But in a good way, not the carrying around a bottle in a paper bag kind of way. On it's own, it's a lovely sip. But when paired with food, it's transformed into something even more special. I've always loved red wine and chocolate but for some reason, never really thought about pairing my wine with cupcakes until I met Tammy at Miss WineOH. She was the one to really open up my eyes (and my mouth) to this tasty combo. 

For obvious reasons, this combo just works. Bite sized cake. Adult grape juice. Yes, please! The seemingly endless cupcake flavor combinations allows you to find the perfect match for your favorite wine. 

Emerging Chefs is putting their mark on this delicious combo at their upcoming event, Corks & Cupcakes™.

They will be featuring Margaret Mann and Raffaele Scettro of Tuscany Distributors and Lilia Lipps of Indulgence Cakes. There will be an array of Italian wines including white, red and even prosecco being poured with gourmet cupcakes to match.

Here's the details:

When:   March 8, 2012/6-9pm
Where: Shaheen Gallery - Downtown Gallery
Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art

740 West Superior Avenue, Suite 101

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Dress:   Trendy chic. 

I keep trying to come up with combos in my head - caramel cupcake with prosecco? Would a peanut butter cupcake paired with wine be a like grown up peanut butter and jelly? What combos can you come up with?

If this sounds too delicious to pass up, you can get your tickets HERE for $40 each. 

Ecco per una notte deliziosa!


  1. Mmmmm - Can't wait! See you there...

  2. I wish I could fly in for this event! Sounds right up my alley!!! Have fun & can't wait to see pics!


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