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Candy Cane Truffles

Monday I published my Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap recipe for Rudolph Noses . Today I'm sharing another favorite recipe with you. This one is a cross between a candy and a cookie - the easiest truffle you will ever make! My recipe original recipe uses Oreos but when I found Candy Cane Joe-Joe's at Trader Joe's - I knew that they would make the recipe even better!

Candy Cane Truffles
1 16oz package Candy Cane Joe Joe's
1 8oz package cream cheese, softened
1 bag Ghirardelli 60% cacao chips

1. Make crumbs out of the cookies using a food processor or finely crush
2. Add cookie crumbs to cream cheese and mix well (I use a mixer)
3. Shape into bite sized balls - should make approximately 40 1" balls - and     place on wax paper covered cookie sheet
4. Place balls in fridge to firm up slightly while you are melting chocolate
5. Melt chocolate chips over double boiler until smooth
6. Roll cookie balls into melted chocolate, placing them back on cookie sheet when done
7. Sprinkle with crushed candy cane pieces or Christmas sprinkles
8. Enjoy! 

You may ask, "But what if I can't find the Trader Joe's cookies - you KNOW these are seasonal and may never be carried again." Well here's some substitutions you can try:

1. Add 6 full sized crushed candy canes to the cookie crumbs
2. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to the crumbs and cheese 
3. Use mint Oreos

The recipe is so easy that it's embarrassing to share with people after they rave about how good they are. The ONLY slightly difficult part is coating the balls in chocolate. This is the tool I use - a small sturdy whisk from Pedroni:

But you could also use two forks or a small spoon. The idea is to completely cover the cookie ball while allowing the excess chocolate to drip off.

That's it!  I promise that when you make these, people will be super impressed and gobble them up. It's up to you whether you share your secret super easy recipe with them.