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My Favorite Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of my very favorite foods. Lunch of course is the usual meal for this tasty handful but I will eat them at anytime.  Breakfast sandwiches are one of my favorite grab and go meals.  Paninis, subs, grilled cheese, tuna - you name it - I love it! But my very favorite sandwich is the seasonal sensation - the BLT.
Is is the salty bacon? The lightly toasted bread? The schmear of mayo? The fresh crunch of lettuce?  All of these are wonderful ingredients on their own, but when they are paired up with the ellusive summer fresh garden tomato we have a little taste of heaven in our hands!  Nothing beats the home grown tomato oozing its tangy juice,mingling with the mayo and dripping on my chin as I take that first crunchy bite. Perfection!

I am a BLT purist but I do like to add some creamy sliced avacado if I have it available. It makes a luscious healthier substitution for the mayo.  I just never seem to have enough ripe ones to keep up with the BLT demand.

As the weather turns cooler and Autumn approaches, I start to consume more and more BLTs - like the bears getting ready for hibernation - while I still have my  precious tomatoes.  Once they are gone, sadness and longing and hunger because the BLTs disappear.  Until next year...

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