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Glimpses of Asia Tweetup

I attended my very 1st tweet up last night at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Having newly joined Twitter, I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew that Asian art and slurpy noodles sounded like a fun Wednesday night!  I met some great new tweeps and even saw a few familiar faces.

The art tours were informative and fun.  My favorite was the Indian Kalighat Paintings exhibit. These pieces were created to sell to tourists during the 1800's in Calcutta when India was a British colony.  The colors were gorgeous and sensual.  Our guest curator Deepak Sarma's enthusiasm was contagious!   Here is one of my favorite pieces.

Deepak explained that Hindu gods and goddesses are regularly bathed.  In this picture, the elephants are using a water vessel to pour the water on her head. I love how the goddess is riding the flower out of the pool of water that collected at her feet.

Here is one that shows how powerful the gods and goddesses are.  The mighty lion is her vehicle and she rides him into battle.  The many arms show that she has much power as she is slaying her enemy.  This appears to symbolize India overthrowing British rule because of the buckled shoes the enemy is wearing.

The Lure of Painted Poetry: Japanese and Korean Art was also enjoyable. I found out that we need to be drinking chrysanthemum tea on 9/9 for prosperity so don't miss this upcoming opportunity for some good luck!  I loved the recurring theme of waterfalls and mountains in many of the paintings. Recluses were another theme.  My favorite piece was The Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup.  It depicted a huge party with lots of drinking and happiness. Photography was not permitted so no pics of the lovely calligraphy, celadon green pottery, and painted screens, but here is my favorite poem from the calligraphy exhibit:

Her home desolate, is there no more moon? 
These bitter nights... Who is it 
Beating cloth alone, 
In her wilderness of weeds 
As an extra special bonus, Noodlecat was in the house! I've been wanting to try them since they opened and was very happy to finally get the chance to slurp away!  We were given Chilled Mori Soba and ginger cookies - both were excellent! Chef Jonathan Sawyer and his staff were a delight and served up interesting info as well as tasty soup.I'm really looking forward to a full on restaurant visit to explore the menu in depth. The Super Salad and Ohio Beef Brisket Yudaya-Jin Ramen are both items that I must try!

My first tweetup was also the Museum's first time hosting one.  I look forward to meeting many new tweeps in the future - it's always nice to break out of our tech cocoons and meet people in person...especially when slurpalicious food is involved!