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Guest Blog by Princess Buffy - Sun of a Biscuit Doggie Treat Review

I want to introduce myself.  I am the pampered pooch of Eat*Drink*Cleveland. My name is Buffy.  I really don't slay vampires - I much prefer squirrels.  I love it when I get leftovers from my Mom's awesome food adventures.  I'm known for my smile and my circus tricks.  Today I'm here to share my very own culinary "tale" with you for a special canine guest blog.

Saturday was a gorgeous summer morning and my person left me home alone.  I was sad and forlorn until I discovered the reason for her abandonment.  TREATS! Well if any of you know me, you know I LOVE treats! They are my favorite thing in the world, and if the people would let me live off them, I would.

I wanted to dig right in but my Mommy wanted to tell me a story about another little dog. Like I care - the world revolves around ME you know and don't forget, treats were waiting! But I indulged the human because they seem to like to talk an awful lot and sometimes I actually listen.

She told me a story about another human named Andrea Miller 
Holzheimer that loved her dear little dog so much she made HOMEMADE treats. What?!?! I see where I rank. I never get those! Anyways, I digress.

This other little dog's name was Pudding. They found her when somebody pushed her out of a car and left her in the street. Andrea rescued Pudding and loved her very much for many years. Pudding was a sweet Shih-Tzu that smiled all the time. We must be distant cousins because I'm Shih-Tzu and Maltese and I smile too!

One day poor little Pudding became sick so that is when her Mommy decided that she wanted to feed her something special to try to make her feel better.  The treats were so good, she decided to share them with other dogs and Sun of a Biscuit was born. Pudding eventually got so sick that she went to Doggie Heaven in April of 2011. Her memory lives on through Sun of a Biscuit. Andrea now bakes up tasty wholesome treats and donates a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters in honor of her special furry friend.
Son of a Biscuit at Shaker Square
The story is very sweet and very sad. I'm glad I listened. I wish I would have known Pudding. We might have been friends. But back to the treats!
Pretty treats for me!
My Mommy knew that I would just love the pretty pink cone of treats she selected. See how it matches my pink princess bed? It was packaged very nicely (perfect for gift giving) in paw printed wrapping and bow. The flavor was Banana Peanut Butter Bliss - my tail started wagging just at the sound of it!  

Can't wait to take a bite!
When the package was opened, the spicy scent of cinnamon filled my twitching nose. It smelled like an oatmeal cookie. This is when I finally got a good look at the treats. They were a perfect size for my salivating mouth AND they were heart shaped!  After being forced to pose for pictures, I finally got to take my first bite.  WOW! These things are bow wow fabulous!  

I gobbled the treat down in record time. It was very crunchy and big enough that I actually had to chew it.   My Mommy says this helps clean my teeth. I think that's a better idea than brushing them - I really hate that!  She also says that they are really good for me. They are made of people food especially for spoiled dogs like me.  This flavor contains rolled oats, whole wheat flour, peanut butter, bananas, apples, carrots, extra virgin olive oil, blackstrap molasses and cinnamon. That's it!  No salt, sugar or preservatives - just the way we like it. My Mommy said that they smelled good enough to eat. No way - paws off! These are all mine!

Dear Santa, more Bonz please!

You can get your favorite pooch some at Whole Foods or look for Andrea at the North Union Farmer's Market at Shaker Square on Saturday mornings (she's not there every week to check before you go.) You are definitely going to want to get some. Buffy says, "TWO PAWS UP! These treats rock!" I know exactly what I'm going to be asking Santa for this year.  

I want to bark out a special thanks to my Mom for getting me such great treats and letting me do a doggie guest blog. Also, thank you Andrea and Pudding for helping make the world a tastier place for dogs everywhere.
I hope other dogs out there are as lucky as me and Pudding

You can find Sun of a Biscuit on Facebook now too.