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First Blog - let's start with one of my regular favorites and a new one!

Since I've put off starting this blog for literally YEARS I'm just going to forge ahead and jump right in. It was a really busy week so there's lots to chat about. 
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Like usual, I was all over the city on my quest for fabulous food. This week started off with one of my favorites Luxe, in the Gordon Square District. Even though it was a muggy day, we took a chance and sat on the patio. It was a good choice because there was a nice breeze and just enough shade provided by the umbrellas. Plus, their patio is so cute we couldn't resist! Thankfully my friend believes in sharing food so we decided to split everything. I love having more to taste! But the salad was so incredible I regretting not having my own for this one! It was a marinated watermelon salad with pine nuts - incredible! Then we tried the gorgonzola gnocchi with mushrooms and short ribs and a special feature of pork loin served over creamy polenta with braised broccoli and swiss chard. Both were phenomenal - the flavor combinations were spot on and the dishes were executed to perfection. Bravo Luxe! You never disappoint.  

We debated greatly about getting dessert here since they are house made and several were calling out to us. The bananas foster sundae will be tops on my list for my next visit! Instead we decided to try out a place we both have been dying to try, Battery Park Wine Bar. While I go to Gordon Square constantly I could never quite figure out where it is located. I am really glad that we did! Super cute townhouse style new construction surrounds what is shaping up to be a hip enclave with lake views and a very active railroad track. While I wouldn't want to have my bedroom that close, it added an element of excitement to the wine bar. The train gets really close to one of the windows and the whirring blur gave the place a sense of energy even though it was a very quiet night there. The pleasant and informative bartender told us that Mondays and Tuesdays are, not surprisingly, their slow nights. She mentioned that they are going to be adding some special programming to take advantage of their brand new patio that opens on Sunday. They have a huge overhead door that opens up to the lake side of the bar which is a great addition to the space. We'll definitely be back!

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