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Pad Thai - Fairlawn

A weeknight dinner with friends led me to the Pad Thai in Fairlawn. While I have eaten at the one in Hudson many times, this was my first time at this location. I ordered coconut chicken soup (yes, this is tom kha gai), summer curry with chicken and the House Dessert.

We all enjoyed everything we ate but the two stand outs were the Szechuan spicy sesame wings and the House Dessert. Let's start off by saying that I NEVER order wings because they are too messy and too much work, especially since I don't eat the skin. I'm so glad my friend ordered these and I tried them!  They are HUGE and seriously fantastic! Sticky spicy little bites of heaven. The House Dessert is truly meant to be shared. Like the wings, it's huge. "Crispy batter fried bananas, ground peanuts coconut ice cream and chocolate syrup " --- this description does not even do it justice! I'm was very pleasantly surprised and how tasty this was. My friend also ordered the sticky rice. That is my normal go-to Thai dessert but I made the right choice. The texture of the sticky rice was mushy and the whole dish was pretty flavorless.  

I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area. The restaurant is pretty and the food is really good in spite of being a little Americanized. They have Chinese dishes as well as a couple of Vietnamese ones (pho, vermicelli with spring rolls) so there should be something to please everyone. Just don't forget dessert!


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