A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.

March is always a fun month. My Mom and Step-Dad's birthdays always start the month off right with a pancake breakfast celebration. State Wrestling Championships. Arnold Sports Festival. St. Patrick's Day. Cleveland International Film Fest. Sometimes Easter even sneaks in there. And of course, NCAA college basketball.

Cleveland Magazine decided to add to the March Madness by creating a bracket style contest for blogs in Cleveland. LOVE the catchy title: Nothing But Net. Perfect for all of us smart phone and computer addicted folks! 

When my friend Becca texted me and told me I was on the list, I wasn't really sure what it was about. When I got my magazine in the mail the next day, I was super excited to make the list! A big THANK YOU to Cleveland Magazine for including me!!

We have some AWESOME bloggers in the city who post, Tweet and chat about everything and anything. No matter what your interests are, you can find someone blogging about it.

This contest is broken down into four groups: Lifestyle, Sports, Food & Drink, and Entertainment. Can you figure out what group I'm in? 

Pick an interest and get reading! You are sure to be entertained and informed. I've even found some new blogs to check out.

My friends are worried that it might feel like a high school popularity contest. I say, I've already won just by being included!! Some great blogger friends are on the list and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Voting starts today! To vote, click here. You can follow Cleveland Magazine @ClevelandMag on Twiter or Like them on Facebook.